Why us? Why here? Why now?

Years of experience have given us the ability to produce a variety of video programming, from simple training videos, through corporate identity broadcasts and special interest programs,  all the way to sophisticated broadcast productions for the national networks.

South Coast Productions, with its integration of a variety of behind-the-camera talents, is your all-in-one production facility.  

But just because you're away from the hassles doesn't mean you're not near civilization. We have complete phone, fax, and high speed Internet access. 

Beth is a cameraperson, producer, and editor. She worked for ABC News for many years and later for CBS as a freelance photographer. Her camera work on Burning Questions, American Agenda, 48 Hours, Nightline, 20/20 and other programs has won them three Emmys.

Tom is a producer, editor and feature film writer. He worked for over 15 years at ABC out of London and New York, planning and producing news shows for Good Morning America, World News Tonight and World News This Morning.

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